Domestic Cleaning London

Domestic Cleaning
Who loves cleaning? Who even likes cleaning? Life’s too short to spend it knee deep in house cleaning.
By providing a weekly and fortnightly service we take care of your home freeing you for much more exciting activities.
Our cleaners are experienced, vetted and fully insured. We take responsibility. You wouldn’t let a stranger into your home, would you? So why choose a unknown cleaner when you can be sure to have the same person every time providing you with an impeccable service. If the cleaner is on a sick leave or holidays, we make sure to send a replacement.
Every home is different and needs vary from customer to customer, that’s why we have a individual approach.
We also offer:
- Emergency cleaning
Surprise visit from you in-laws? Unexpected accident in the kitchen? Don’t worry, our 7 days a week emergency service will cover your needs.
- After party cleaning
If preparing party is a hassle, cleaning after it is a true nightmare. So stay in the relaxed party mood and allow us to clean up.
- One off cleaning
Not always a regular cleaning is needed. One of our team can come in to help you out with a one off cleaning, even on short notice.
- Spring Cleaning
Otherwise known as deep cleaning is designed to refresh your home by going into detail and thoroughly cleaning places that are usually left during weekly cleaning.
- Holiday Rental Cleaning
When you’re away and your place is rented out for guests you need someone reliable to come in and clean between guests. It’s very important to have someone trustworthy as often negligence leads to bad experience for your guests.
As you can see we cover every aspect of domestic cleaning. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you today.

Domestic Cleaning London
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